Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Two weeks until the PNI Practicum

There are still two weeks left to sign up for a PNI Practicum course! The next round of courses will begin (if enough people sign up) on 5 and 7 September 2023.

Here I am answering another question people often have about participatory narrative inquiry. 

Join us in a PNI Practicum course and learn how to use participatory narrative inquiry in your work with groups, communities, or organizations.

In the course, you will carry out a real PNI project of your own design in a group, community, or organization of your choice. In our weekly meetings, you'll get peer and expert feedback and advice on every phase and aspect of your project. In addition, you'll experience PNI from a participant's point of view as you exchange and work with stories in our interactive workshop sessions.

By the end of the course, you will have finished your first real PNI project. Even more importantly, you will know enough about PNI to carry out many more projects like it in the future, and you'll be able to mix the ideas and methods you have practiced into your future work.

Rob Peagler, who was part of the cohort in my first PNI Practicum course last year, had this to say about it:

The opportunity to do a practicum with Cynthia, in a cohort of deeply experienced and committed story-workers, was truly an invaluable experience. The practicum allowed me to coalesce two decades of experience in the story trenches. With the feedback and support of Cynthia and my practicum cohort I was able to move through the full arc of PNI story work — from project design, through crafting story prompts, gathering stories, leading sense making workshops, and working with our target community to leverage insights to shape and motivate action. I didn't just gain technical knowledge; I explored the moral and ethical responsibilities of PNI project leaders to clients, communities, and anyone who shares or reads a story in the course of a project.

All of the videos and quotes I am posting here can also be found on the PNI Practicum web site at cfkurtz.com/pnipracticum. Special thanks to Augusto Cuginotti, who helped me put the video series together.

If you have any questions about participatory narrative inquiry or about the PNI Practicum courses, drop me a note on LinkedIn or at cfkurtz@cfkurtz.com.

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