Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Four weeks until the PNI Practicum

Good news! As of this moment, ten people have indicated a strong interest in taking one of my September PNI Practicum courses (which start on 5 and 7 September 2023). I cannot yet promise that the courses will happen, but I can definitely say that it is looking increasingly likely.

Here I am explaining what the courses are about.


To be clear, you do not need to take my course to learn from me. My book (workingwithstories.org) and software (narrafirma.com) have always been free to everyone. My business model is an open-source one: I ask those who have budgets help me support those who do not. My online courses are for people who have budgets.

So if you have a budget, why should you take a course from me? Because my courses provide a solid base of support and advice from a leader in the field of story work. They give you a chance to compare notes and brainstorm solutions with other people who are learning the same thing at the same time. And they lead you through an experience designed to help you combine theory with practice. Practicum courses do take longer and require more effort than lectures or just-show-up courses. But after a practicum course is over, you have a much better chance of actually being capable of doing the work you want to do. That's worth a lot, I think.

Here's another recommendation video.


All of the videos I am posting here can also be found on the PNI Practicum web site at cfkurtz.com/pnipracticum. Special thanks to Augusto Cuginotti, who helped me put this video series together.

If you have any questions participatory narrative inquiry or about the PNI Practicum courses, drop me a note on LinkedIn or at cfkurtz@cfkurtz.com.

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