Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why I Have Not Been Blogging

See that? It's a puppy. It's cute. It's deceptively cute.

Do you value your time?

If you do, do not get one of these. They are harder than you think.

However: I am writing. The sensemaking chapter is nearly done. It is coming to something like 200 pages. When it is done I will release it by itself, so you have it. The two chapters remaining in Volume One will be far shorter, so I expect (hope) to have VI out in print by the end of the summer or fall or something.

Did I mention I'm splitting up the book into three volumes? I may not have.
  1. Introduction and Basic Guide to Participatory Narrative Inquiry.
  2. PNI Storybook: Everything written from my own experiences, including all case studies (20-25) and all sections written based on my notes (like "What to expect when expecting stories"). [EDIT: I should have said that this volume will also include several case studies from the experiences of other people who have graciously allowed me to include them. Not new case studies: the same ones as previously were included in the second edition of the (one) book.]
  3. Advanced topics in PNI: Mostly essays from the blog, plus some parts trimmed out from Volume I to keep it from breaking anybody's foot if they drop it.
If all goes well, all three volumes may be out by the end of the year.

Wouldn't that be something.