Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Of meals and membership

Would you like me to tell you how to cook pasta? No? Pretend you do for a minute so I can make a point. It's about stories, I promise.

First, choose a pot with a good thick bottom. If the pot's bottom is thin, the water will not boil evenly, and the pasta will clump. Fill the pot with enough cold, filtered water to cover your pasta, plus another inch or two. Put the pot on the stove. Add a teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Set the burner heat to maximum.


To read the rest of this blog post (which is not about pasta), please visit the PNI Institute web site, where I've posted the whole essay.

Why is this blog post not on my blog? Because a few months ago I promised to write one short blog post for the PNI Institute per month. Since then I have succeeded in writing blog posts, but I have not succeeded in making them, um, short. So I will probably need to do at least a little cross-posting to keep up both commitments.

While you're over there, I encourage you to take a look at our new membership structure. We are actively recruiting new members at three levels:
  1. forum members, who are interested in PNI in general (and who will participate in lively discussions on the site forums)
  2. associate members, whose work overlaps significantly with PNI (and who will participate in forums and blog quarterly)
  3. practicing members, who are actively engaged in PNI project work (and who will participate in forums and blog monthly)
If you're interested in any of these forms of membership, sign up on the site and tell us what you'd like to do in the forums or via email.