This is the full list of my question posts on Twitter. If you see no reason I should keep such a list, read this blog post, in which I attempt to explain why it is necessary.

Note:  There have been far fewer of these questions than I imagined there would be when I started doing this. Few of the questions I ponder meet the standards I set out: must be relevant and useful (to many); must not repeat what has already been said (recently); must be capable of being asked (understandably) in 140 characters. The last one is the hardest.

Q1. Online bandwidth is a trickle. Can we adapt to compensate? Are we trapped or have we learned helplessness? Is the cage door open?

Q2. We tell stories every day. > Not me, I'm not a storyteller. > We used to tell more stories. > Not me, I tell stories every day. > ??

Q3. We built the web by hand. Google mined it. Our web links moved to Twitter. After Google mines Twitter, where will our links go next?

Q4. When something becomes easy enough to be common, we see it as ugly. Is mastery itself beautiful? Or is it a distraction from beauty?

Q5. Why do people usually write about "the accelerating pace of change" in middle age? Is it influenced by zenosyne?

Q6. Why does using computers mean peering into boxes? Why doesn't it mean dancing? Imagine: "Of course he's fit; he works on a computer."

Q7. Type "I for one welcome" into Google and see what comes up in the suggestions. [Hint: It's "our new google overlords."][Double hint: It's from the Simpsons. Google it.] Where is George Orwell when we need him?

Q8. Spring is such a pleasant surprise. Hope grows again in the soft new leaves. If there were no seasons, would hope be absent or constant?

Q9. What if you're actually thinking inside a slightly bigger box?

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