Friday, February 23, 2024

New paper, new network name

Hey everybody. I wanted to tell you about a new paper on Participatory Narrative Inquiry that has just come out. Written mostly by my colleague Rachel Colla (though I helped a little), the paper makes a strong case for the use of PNI in Wellbeing Research. I was so impressed by how Rachel pulled together the growing body of research literature connected to PNI. It's worth a read!

Over at the Participatory Narrative Practitioner Network, we have decided to drop the last part of our name. Now we are just the Participatory Narrative Practitioners. We have also switched from Zulip to Discord for our ongoing chats. For the time being we are using Discord for our monthly meetings as well. The best thing about Discord is that the voice-chat line is always open, so we can meet up anytime anyone wants to. To join us, visit and click the Discord link.

My job search is going pretty well so far. I sure hope people are reading my cover letters, because I am putting a lot of thought into them! If I have not already asked you for advice or to be a reference, and you'd be interested in either thing, please do drop me a line.