Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Even more NarraFirma

I have just finished another NarraFirma release, again based on commissions, with more new features. Chiefly this:

I am calling it a "correlation map." It shows relationships among all the scale questions in your project in one graph. When you hover over a link you can see the scatterplot of combined values (as in this example). When you hover over a bubble you can see a histogram of values for that question.

You can also see how relationships among scale questions appear for subsets of stories based on answers to choice questions, like this:

Also included in the new release are more improvements to the catalysis process based on user feedback. For details see the blog post on

About improvements to NarraFirma

If you are a NarraFirma user, you should know that (a) I am interested to hear about your experiences and suggestions; and (b) I offer an excellent rate for open-source development commissions. You might want to look over the NF commissions page to see some of the ideas I am considering for the future of NarraFirma.

About this blog

I have not been posting on the blog much this year. I am not sure if anybody is reading it. Also, when I can find time between consulting gigs, I am working on two (nested) book projects, and I want to save my precious writing time for those. I will continue to announce things on the blog when I have things to announce; but the days of "feeding the blog" are, I think, over. (Unless a really great idea pops up that demands to be written about. That's different.)