Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Five weeks until the PNI Practicum

(The title of this blog post is not correct. I started posting these videos only on LinkedIn, but decided on the third week to post in both places at once.)

Hello good people of the internet. My next PNI Practicum courses start on 5 and 7 September 2023. In preparation, here I am answering another common question about participatory narrative inquiry.

If you are thinking that you might want to take one of my courses next year (when you have more time), be aware that if these fall courses don't fill up (enough), I will have to stop giving them. Having poured my time into so many open-source projects over the years, I'm out of funds, and I can't run my courses half full.

If you don't have time to take a course right now, but want to help me keep offering them, please consider making a donation in support of my free books and software. You can find donation buttons on workingwithstories.org (on the download-it page) and on narrafirma.com (at the bottom of the main page). I also offer bespoke coaching and training (see cfkurtz.com).

Here's another recommendation video from a course that ended recently. 


All of the videos I am posting here can also be found on the PNI Practicum web site at cfkurtz.com/pnipracticum. Special thanks to Augusto Cuginotti, who helped me put this video series together.


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